Why would I need this service?
You might want to make a fake receipt for a joke or a social media post to impress someone, or to be used as an example in a blog. Maybe you need to replace a lost receipt or you might need an Itemized receipt instead of just a total. You may need to replace a faded or damaged receipt, or maybe you sold a personal item and you need to provide the purchaser with a receipt for the cash transaction. There are many reasons why you could use our service, and the way you use our service is entirely up to you. Please keep in mind Need Receipt does not store or save any data and does not take any responsibility if you attempt to defraud anyone with the receipts created using our service.

How does Need Receipt work?
Simply follow the 3-step process from the home page Step 1 "Choose it". Select the receipt style you like. Step 2 "Customize It". Using our on-screen design center customize the receipt how you like. Change the font, upload a logo, or just enter the text we give you total control over your customized receipt. Almost everything can be customized ensuring your final product is exactly what you are expecting. Step 3 "Save it". Upon verified purchase you will be able to download the final receipt without the appearance of the watermark and you can click on the "Download Receipt" button or the "Email Receipt" button to get the receipt.

What does Need Receipt cost?
We offer our two receipts templates for "FREE". The free receipts allow you to try out our service. Customize the receipts how you like, download or email the receipts to yourself just as if you had one of our purchased plans. You can use the free receipt templates as often as you like. If you like our service and need a different receipt style or want to upload a logo then you need to purchase one of our other plans. The "Bronze" plan is a single, one-time-only, receipt purchase and costs $1.99 USD. The "Silver" plan is a monthly unlimited subscription which costs $3.99 USD per month, and lastly the "Gold" plan which is our most popular and best value at $35.99 USD for an annual subscription to our service. All of our plans can be canceled anytime. We use PayPal to take payments and handle our subscriptions. We do not hold or store any information.

What Styles of Receipts do we Make?
Need Receipt offers multiple receipt categories and designs. All of our receipt templates have been verified, to be consistent with the most recent receipt providers and styles. We even have detailed receipt sets that let you make multiple receipts from the same template just by checking a couple of boxes for example "Customer's Copy" or "Merchants Copy". We have Retail Store receipts, Restaurants receipts, Coffee Shops receipt, Taxi, Gas, Bars and Pubs, Parking Lots, Garages, and Cash receipts just to name a few. We're constantly updating the site, so If you can't find a style or need a template just drop us an email at info@needreceipt.com and we'll see what we can do to add it to our next update.

What format will you provide for my receipt?
Need Receipts are delivered in a .PDF format

What about my privacy?
Need Receipt does not share client information with marketers or third parties. Need Receipt does not send unsolicited email. We do not maintain records of the receipts you create. Your credit card information is not stored on our servers as all payment transactions are handled securely through PayPal.

What type of support do you offer?
Need Receipt does not take any responsibility if you attempt to defraud anyone with the receipts created using our service. Only support of the Need Receipt website is provided. We do not offer technical assistance with hardware, computer applications or other websites. Purchases are made through PayPal. After you have made a purchase we are unable to modify or alter that purchase as we do not maintain records of the receipts you have created. Changes or cancelation of subscriptions must be made through your PayPal account.

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